International Exhibition


Booth number LD-03
Head office address 〒651-2266
995-1, Hiranocho Inji, Kobe Shi Nishi Ku,
Business operations We are developing a flying car(Self-driving aircraft).
The combination of the tilt wing and the engine provides the fastest means of transport up to 800 km.
By shortening travel time, we aim to realize a prosperous society that can achieve what was not possible before.

This time, we will exhibit the verification machine (drone) under development.
Names of major products/services to be exhibited
  • Tilt wing drone(Engine type)
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Highlights of the products/services to be exhibited We will be exhibiting an aircraft (drone) under development as a verification machine for flying cars.
By using the engine to extend the flight time,
The adoption of a tilt wing combines the convenience of a vertical take-off aircraft with the speed of a fixed-wing aircraft.
This is an aircraft that realizes a wide range of activities that could not be done with conventional electric multicopters.