International Exhibition

Space Entertainment Laboratory

Booth number LD-02
Head office address 〒145-0075
22-17 Nishimine-machi, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Business operations Fixed Wing UAV Manufacturing
Inspection, Monitoring, Surveillance and Security Services with UAVs
High Altitude Balloon Services
Small Satellite Design
Names of major products/services to be exhibited
  • Unmanned Flying Boat prototype
Entry Image
Highlights of the products/services to be exhibited Robust Performance on Water
Designed to plow through the waves, fully waterproof airframe of Hamadori enables safe operations even on the open sea. Can be rinsed in
water and seawater-corrosion resistant.

Easy Operation
Fully automatic flight, including take-off and landing on water. Easily operated with simple touch screen GUI.

Versatile Applications
As an on-water UAS platform, Hamadori provides various sensor options for survey such as infrared/visual light cameras, ultrasonic sensors,and LIDERs.