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Non profit organization Fujinokuni SKY Innovation

Booth number R-25
Head office address 〒430-0934
1 of 91 Chitose-cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka
Business operations The NPO Fujinokuni SKY Innovation mainly involves businesses and technical staff from Shizuoka Prefecture to develop and provide technology related to unmanned aerial vehicles, business related to event planning using unmanned aerial vehicles, and safety of unmanned aerial vehicles Training and seminars on safe handling and operation, aiming for the general public to use unmanned aerial vehicles safely and appropriately, and contributing to regional revitalization and employment creation by promoting new industries utilizing science and technology. The purpose is to do.

Representative: Kazumi Masuda, Professor, Shizuoka University of Science and Technology University
Director: Hiroshi Tamura, Lecturer, Shizuoka University of Science and Technology University
Director: Masakazu Oguri , Advanced Spatial Information Technology Evaluation Support Center
Director: Hiromitsu Suzuki, CEO, Arrow Seven Corporation
Director: Shin Nakano, CEO, IMI, Inc.
Audit & Supervisory Board Member: Toru Takenaka Toru Takenaka Administrative Scrivener Office

(1) Activities to promote town development

(2) Activities to promote science and technology

(3) Activities to revitalize economic activities

(4) Activities to support vocational ability development or employment opportunities

(5) Communication, advice or assistance activities related to the operation or activities of the organizations that carry out the activities listed in the preceding items
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