International Exhibition

Everblue Technologies, Inc.

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Head office address 〒153-0044
Business operations Global warming prevention measures are required in various industries, but at sea, internal combustion engines reign and no definitive measures are availble. Prior to the Industrial Revolution sailing was the gold standard for shipping and transportation. Our mission is to replace greenhouse gas emiting combustion engines with efficient autonmous sailing technology and dramatically reduce global warming gas.

We are currently developing and unmanned fishfinding ship "Fisherdrone", which will be followed by the development of a automous marine taxi. In the future, we hope to promote the development of ships that run on renewable energy, by building a ship that can autnomously transport hydrogen called "Hydroloop". Everblue will manufacture and sell these autonomous sailing ships, provide services, and provide sailing technology, in order to realize of a carbon-free world.
Names of major products/services to be exhibited
  • 2m Class Unmanned Fishfinding Ship "Fisherdrone"
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Highlights of the products/services to be exhibited This 2 meter class trimaran, has been desingned between a famous racing yacht designer who desinged a boat for the America's Cup and a Experienced car designer. A large 3D printer was used for production allowing for a quick design and manufacturing turnaround.