International Exhibition


Booth number A-12
Head office address 〒418-0023
286-1 Yamamoto, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka
Business operations Magnesium alloy pipe / wire cold drawing, pipe bending / welding, various secondary processing, planning / production / sales of magnesium alloy products, procurement / sales of magnesium materials, etc.
Names of major products/services to be exhibited
  • Drone parts made of magnesium alloy pipe
  • Magnesium alloy pipe material
  • Magnesium alloy sheet
Entry Image
Highlights of the products/services to be exhibited We will display drone parts (skids, etc.) using magnesium alloy pipe material, which is the lightest practical metal. Please experience the amazing lightness realized while utilizing the characteristics of metal. In addition, various shapes of magnesium alloy pipe materials will be exhibited.