International Exhibition

Aero Developement Japan Co., Ltd.

Booth number J-22
Head office address 〒103-0027
2-1-3 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Business operations Main Business:
Aero Development Japan Co., Ltd. (ADJ) develops hybrid engines for long range heavy-duty drones of the next generation. As the first phase, we intend to improve our previously-developed 10kw/10,000rpm Halbach generator, which is displayed at our booth, and to upgrade it to 30kw/30,000rpm/three-phase AC 200V Halbach generator with gas turbine engines (hybrid engine). Then, installing this hybrid engine, we are scheduled to set up a long range heavy-duty drone (total weight: 160kg, payload: 50-60kg, flight time: one hour) by the end of 2020. This drone is developed under the auspices of a subsidy from the Tokyo Metropolitan Small Business Promotion Agency. Furthermore, we plan to develop a variety of hybrid engines/long range heavy-duty drones, including an automated cruise model with a capacity of over 30kgh (payload of more than 30kg x flight time exceeding one hour).

The Halbach array generator:
The Halbach array generator system does not need a yoke for the field magnet which wastes much energy. Furthermore, the system uses a core-less coil instead of an iron-core coil. An alternating current flowing through the core-less coil causes much less decline in voltage at the coil compared with flowing through the iron-core coil, thereby enabling a Halbach array generator to maintain high voltage conditions even when outputting a large current.

Our mission:
In order to transport necessaries to remote islands, underpopulated areas, disaster-stricken areas and mountainous districts, we are developing heavy-duty drones of the next generation, which are capable of carrying heavier loads and flying over much farther distances in comparison with drones mounting lithium-ion batteries or fuel-cells. We propose a new way of transporting goods and aim to provide solutions for companies that suffer from a shortage of truck drivers.
Names of major products/services to be exhibited
  • ①10kw/10,000rpm Halbach generator
  • ②superlight stainway-descendent wheelchair
Entry Image
Highlights of the products/services to be exhibited ①Enabling a Halbach array generator to maintain high voltage conditions even   when outputting a large current.

②During a disaster,at stopping of an elevater, this evacuation equipment enable emergency stainway-descendent.