International Exhibition

kuusatsu giken

Booth number M-22
Head office address 〒769-1614
2351 Hagiwara,Onohara,Kannonji,Kagawa
Business operations ・ Drone related equipment development and sales
・ DJI drone sales (including agricultural aircraft)
・ Drone operation class
・ DJI UTC photogrammetry course
Names of major products/services to be exhibited
  • Drone spider
  • taorenbou
Entry Image
Highlights of the products/services to be exhibited ・ Presentation of the drone spider® foot brake type high-performance drone mooring device for the first time
・Demonstration of taorenbou®, the first independent stick in Japan
Introduction of mysterious sticks with many applications such as infrastructure inspection, disaster cameras and broadcasting, vibration control devices, space elevators, etc.